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Work-life-balance and resilience

The reporting year posed particular challenges for many employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many areas of personal and professional life within a short time. As in many other companies, we at Hilti have taken short-term measures to protect our team members in the best possible way. Our flexible working models already in place before the pandemic have made it much easier to switch to working from home where possible. These agreements include remote work, part-time arrangements, longer-term leaves of absence (“sabbaticals”) or increases in vacation days.  

More information: Employee Health and Safety

Employees by working time model and employment relationship in 2020

Full-time 6,83221,534128,367
of which permanent6,47120,726127,198
of which temporary361808 1,169
Part-time 746433 1,179
of which permanent704395 1,099
of which temporary4238 80

Under the special conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have translated numerous existing offers on resilience and mindfulness into digital formats. This applies also to our format “Team Camp – Care and Perform”. Originally conceived as a two-day in-person event, this team workshop, which all our team members go through worldwide, highlights topics such as positive and negative workload, multitasking, careful listening, management of disruptions in everyday work, individual performance curves or conscious breaks. After the team camp, the participants could voluntarily measure their heart rate variability over three-days, which showed them which situations are stressful at work and at home and which serve to recover. Supported by the evaluation and advice of our external partner “Firstbeat”, employees have the opportunity to plan their daily routine on the basis of stress and recovery phases.

In 2020, we created the virtual series of events “Care and Perform during challenging times”, which deals intensively with the challenges and burdens of remote working. Specifically created for team leaders, the module “Leadership during challenging times” took place in parallel, in which aspects of virtual team leadership were discussed, among other things. Our “Sherpas” – coworkers responsible for the care and development of the corporate culture – have also carried out various virtual formats such as podcasts, providing mental support as well as advice on organizing home offices, childcare and other challenges.  

Photo: Hilti: Employee sitting at desk smiling and working on laptop

We are also constantly developing our offers at our international locations. One example: In our organization in Great Britain, we have initiated a program that enables team members and their families to get psychological, financial or legal counseling as well as coaching from our partner “Life Works” free of charge. In addition, we have revised our policies and practices since the end of 2019 in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Mates in Mind”, which specializes in mental health in the construction industry. In this context, for example, we organized a “Mental Well-being” week in the reporting year, during which guest speakers spoke about the topic of mental well-being or mindfulness training sessions were held for employees.