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Learning & Development

Developing our employees is our focus and one of our core competencies. We have a broad portfolio of user-generated content and formal learning journeys to convey performance-based knowledge and application. The content on our internal learning platform, which has an average of 70,000 views per day, is written to a large extent by more than 2500 employees across all functions. More than 600 team members act as community managers to engage with learners and ensure knowledge transfer. In addition to learning opportunities for basic skills such as communication or time management, we also offer role-specific courses, for example in the areas of sales, marketing and leadership.

Photo: Hilti: 2 trainees with safety goggles at work, operating a machine

~ 90
apprentices train at
our corporate headquarters
in Schaan

One example of our internally developed content is our new leader onboarding program. The multi-month program was jointly developed by all regions and is based on the templates and experience provided and further developed by team leaders from throughout the company. 

In addition to our internal offerings, we are in contact with external educational institutions at many locations and also support our employees’ desire for further academic training in appropriate cases. By supporting our employees in their development, we also live up to our ambition to recruit 80 percent of our team leaders from within. Such a career with us can start at a young age. We have been providing vocational training programs at our locations in Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany for many years. For example, almost 90 trainees work in seven apprenticeships at our Group headquarters in Schaan (Liechtenstein). 

Number of apprentices in LI, AT and DE in 2020

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