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Responsible Handling of Hazardous Substances

Health and safety play a central role in our business. Accordingly, we strive to better protect the users of our products, the building occupants and our employees from potentially dangerous substances in our products. As part of our sustainability strategy, we are therefore intensifying our focus on avoiding the use of hazardous substances. We want to reduce their share in our products across our entire portfolio, for example in chemical anchors, fire protection products and tools, insofar as this is technically possible. Our commitment to optimum performance and quality continues to be our top priority.

We want to avoid hazardous substances as much as possible, on the one hand to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible, and on the other to minimize adverse health effects. We always act in accordance with applicable safety regulations and rules that apply in our markets, including Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). We monitor regulatory developments and adapt to new regulations at an early stage. In fact, we already go beyond the legal requirements for the use of hazardous substances in many of our products. We also require our suppliers to disclose their handling of critical chemicals and to comply with our standards.

In our product development process, we are focusing even more intensively than before on the prevention of hazardous substances. At an early stage in the process, we will increasingly and systematically examine alternatives for such substances concerning their suitability in the product. We will also place greater emphasis on preformed products in fire protection, for example, so that the risk of user contact with reactive chemicals contained therein is reduced.

We are taking an important step toward avoiding hazardous substances in production. For example, we already rely on “High Pressure Coining” technology (HPC) in manufacturing our diamond products. This new technology enables us to eliminate toxic metals from conflict regions in production. Completely recycled iron is used instead. This benefits our employees, our customers on construction sites and the environment.