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Sustainable Help

At a Glance

Successes and Actions

  • Commitment of the Hilti Foundation further expanded
  • Launch of the “Engaged Beyond Business” corporate volunteering program


Wherever our employees work and live, societal challenges exist all over the world. As a group, we want to contribute to the sustainable solution of social problems.

Our social engagement is based on two strong pillars. On the one hand, there is a great need for our employees to make a social contribution and consequently be strongly engaged in projects that go beyond business issues. On the other hand, the Hilti Foundation initiates and promotes social projects in numerous countries. 

More information: Hilti Foundation Projects

The social engagement of the Hilti Foundation and the Hilti Group is based on a shared understanding of values. In addition, both organizations pursue the same objective with their projects: to achieve social impact at scale. To make our engagement even more effective in the future, we want to more closely interlink the activities and competencies of the Hilti Group and the Hilti Foundation. 

The Hilti Foundation and the Hilti Group share a common understanding of values, the aim of which is to achieve social impact at scale.

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Organizational anchoring

The Hilti Group is responsible for social impact on the direct behalf of the Executive Board. The Corporate Sustainability Team coordinates the social engagement of employees worldwide at Group level. It makes general recommendations to Hilti organizations and steers local implementation of the targets.

The Hilti Foundation’s governing body is its Board of Trustees. Its members are nominated by the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group. The Foundation’s operational business is delegated by the Foundation’s Board to the Executive Board, which also performs an advisory role vis-à-vis the Hilti Group’s sustainability team.

The social activities of the Hilti Group and the Hilti Foundation can be divided into two areas:

The Hilti Foundation creates opportunities for people in need to find their way to an independent and self-determined life. To this end and together with a network of partners, impact-oriented programs are developed and implemented in clearly defined focus areas, which pursue sustainable social change for disadvantaged groups in society. The Foundation’s work focuses primarily on developing countries and emerging markets. Investments in charitable projects amounted to CHF 28.7 million in the year under review.

We established the “Engaged Beyond Business” program together with the Hilti Foundation in the reporting year. All Hilti organizations are encouraged to spend 0.1 percent of their sales on social engagement by team members beyond their business activities. A guideline, which was released by the Executive Board and communicated throughout the Group in October 2020, provides uniform decision-making support and a recommendation for this. There is already substantial engagement in many Hilti organizations today. We want to contribute to a more structured and global implementation and to the pooling of energy and readiness of our about 30,000 employees.

How we measure social impact

We want to ensure that our engagement has a social impact. Measuring the impact is therefore an important element of any social initiative.

Engaged Beyond Business

Number of employee projects>80>100>120
Estimated spending1 on corporate volunteering programs in CHF million̴1̴1.2̴1.5

1 in time, donations or Hilti products

Non-profit engagement of the Hilti Foundation

Number of projects supported727980
Monetary value of investments in support projects in CHF million22.326.528.7

We are currently developing a structured impact measurement system within the Hilti Group. However, the large number of projects already shows the high motivation of employees to make a difference. In the coming years, we want to build on the positive development of these valuable contributions and encourage employees in their initiatives. We want to convey the conviction that each and every one of us can make a difference, according to the maxim “Your engagement is our most powerful tool.”

We have set ourselves the goal of spending an average of one working day a year on social engagement by 2023 for all employees worldwide. Overall, this would correspond to an annual engagement of roughly 150 full-time working years. 

The impetus for “Engaged Beyond Business” projects can come from different directions. On the one hand, the Hilti employees themselves independently propose, plan, organize and implement projects. In addition, the initiative for a local project can also come from any Hilti organization or the Hilti Foundation.  

full-time years of work would be the result if each of the about 30,000 Hilti employees were socially engaged for one day – that is our vision for our Corporate Volunteering Program.

Events in the 2020 reporting year

In the reporting year, we launched the “Engaged Beyond Business” program and established Group-wide responsibilities for our social engagement as part of a Corporate Volunteering Program. The aim is to structure the already strong social commitment and consequently ensure a global establishment of the program: to promote exchanges between employees, highlight success examples and be the contact point for questions and implementation support. Various Hilti organizations have already created corresponding possibilities and structures. Two examples can be seen in our branches in Germany and the United States, whose programs are explained in more detail below. 

Our companies in Germany have been supporting local projects as part of the “16 hours for a better future” program. Every employee can use two working days a year for charitable work and increase it with additional volunteering in his or her spare time. More than 1000 hours have already been registered only five months after the official launch of the program. One example of the many initiatives taken by employees is the project in the Friedensdorf (Peace Village) Oberhausen: Up to 200 sick children from crisis regions of the world regularly find temporary homes there. The co-workers worked on-site for more than a week to renovate the village’s outdoor facilities, so that volunteers in the project can concentrate on working with the children.

Photo: Hilti: Employees from Germany in red jackets stand around a slide with gardening tools in their hands
Tackling things together: Employees in Germany help in the Friedensdorf (Peace Village) Oberhausen
Photo: Hilti: Lena Meuers, Field Coach

The gratitude received on site and the radiance in the eyes of the children are priceless. It’s so easy to make a difference.

Lena Meuers,
Field Coach

Hilti USA also provides its employees with the opportunity to carry out two days of non-profit service each year. The social engagement of employees toward local communities has been a practice in this area for years. In the past two years, we were able to register a considerable number of more than 12,000 hours for social projects. Just one of the many examples: In October of the reporting year, colleagues from Texas and Louisiana met to support people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in cleaning up after Hurricane Laura. Together with the organization SBP, they helped rebuild the houses, and consequently provided important support for the inhabitants of the city severely hit by the disaster.  

Photo: Hilti: Team helps residents in disaster area clean up after Hurricane Laura
Cleaning up after Hurricane Laura: The team in the USA supports residents in the disaster area
Photo: Hilti: Sarah Nieuwenhuizen, Marketing Segment Manager

I am grateful that my time and work have helped to give hope and assistance to people affected by the hurricane on their way back to normality.

Sarah Nieuwenhuizen,
Marketing Segment Manager

In August 2020, the disastrous explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, almost completely destroyed the city’s critical infrastructure. Hundreds of people lost their lives, thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands made homeless. In the spirit of international solidarity, the Hilti Foundation and various local Hilti organizations combined their efforts and provided emergency relief. The Hilti Foundation provided financial support and donated tools to its long-standing emergency partners @fire and MSF Médecins sans Frontières. In addition, employees worldwide responded to a call for donations from the Hilti Foundation. More than USD 100,000 were raised. These funds will be used in 2021 to rebuild two hard-hit schools in Beirut. Moreover, Hilti organizations in the region around Lebanon participated with immediate aid by providing Hilti tools free of charge for cleanup and reconstruction.

Photo: Hilti: Volunteer walks with a dog on the streets of destroyed Beirut
Providing help where it is most needed: A @fire volunteer in the streets of a heavily damaged Beirut