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The Hilti Foundation


The Hilti Foundation was founded in 1996 as a charitable Foundation of the Martin Hilti Family Trust. Since 2007, the Foundation has been jointly financed by the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group. Both institutions pursue the shared mission of establishing a better future. By virtue of its global projects, the Foundation supports people regardless of the life circumstances into which they were born – offering them opportunities to further develop their skills and talents which form the basis of an independent and self-determined life.

Since its founding, the Hilti Foundation has continuously evolved. Efforts to enhance individual projects have been replaced by a strategic approach which focusses on systemic change. Based on a clearly defined thematic approach, the Hilti Foundation develops networks together with competent partners. These partners share the same approach and are prepared to invest their knowledge and potential to make the local projects even more successful. These partnerships are characterized by specifically tailored professional expertise, mutual trust and the shared values the Foundation bases all of its work upon.

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Photo: Hilti: Michael Hilti, Member of the Hilti Foundation Board

Creating sustainability requires us to concentrate on what is essential and consider long-term actions. Operating as a team and with external partners, the Hilti Foundation is very well equipped to meet these requirements.

Michael Hilti,
Member of the Hilti Foundation Board
Photo: Hilti: Marco Meyrat, Chairman of the Hilti Foundation Board

Helping people to help themselves is the main motivation behind our actions. We are driven by the belief that sustainability can only be achieved through systemic change.

Marco Meyrat,
Chairman of the Hilti Foundation Board

Strategic Focus Areas

With its clearly focused activities, the Hilti Foundation addresses specific topics that are among today’s major global challenges. Mastering these challenges is of critical importance as they create opportunities for the most deprived parts of society.

 Photo: Hilti: Young people play musical instruments in class


The Hilti Foundation focuses on achieving sustainable social impact with every cultural project it engages with.


Photo: Hilti: Boy walking happily through a residential area of houses made of bamboo


The Hilti Foundation believes that a safe home is the basis for the positive development of every human being.


Photo: Hilti: African women and a girl sit in front of a wooden hut and prepare corn on the cob


The goals of the Hilti Foundation are clear: It is paramount to empower people to become economically independent by earning a sustainable income that helps support better living conditions.


In addition to these central topics, the Hilti Foundation is committed to providing emergency aid in the event of humanitarian crises. Moreover, since 1996, the Foundation has supported the impressive research of the underwater archeologist Franck Goddio in Egypt. The results of his research have been shared in notable publications and exhibitions both with other professionals as well as the general public.

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